My Day on GTA: WEEK 1

Good Morning☀️☕️🗞🥓🍳🥞

So, I recently just purchased a new office and I believe I chose what was closest to my aesthetic (MELANIN QUEEN👸🏾/ BROWN EVERYTHING) and also it’s also a comfortable interior for my employees. There’s so much I have to do as far as getting things going, appointing jobs and getting everything & everyone set up but I’m pretty sure I’ll get that all figured out soon. I also have to customize my owned cars and purchase new cars… or steal them if I’m feelin G bout my shit… I’mma think about it. I may do an office tour as well.

I don’t really like this picture of me (below) because I feel like I look super ugly but it’s really my chin that I hate. I have to learn to live with what I have and love it. And yes my highlighter on my face is pink!!! TRENDSETTER! I honestly don’t feel like setting up my office. I don’t feel like doing anything pertaining to my office but I didn’t work this hard to get an office just to slack off in my office. Plus if I start slacking off now I’ll lose my office and I need money coming in because it’s such a beautiful sight!!!! I’ll hit up my safe house later so you can see what I mean. But before I go I’m definitely going to get high AF!

I look high as fuck in the picture below and one of my eyes look super retarded. That’s one of my homies in the background that’s barely visible but I don’t know which one. He fixna leave though cause my other homies OTW. We just riding around. Terrorizing the city folk. He getting some stuff changed on his car. The car behind me is the car I’m driving today because it matches my outfit and I love matching!

These are some of my other cars. I’m thinking about going to get my hair done and get my make up redone because it may be time for a new look. I got my eyes straight for this pic though lmaoooooo.


I go to the store while my homie fixing up his car and as I’m walking towards the shop, I see this bitch standing there. As if she was waiting for me. Staring straight at me son. Like the shit was weird AF. Now just from her demeanor and stance I feel like she got beef. Tough ass bitch with a shirt saying fuck me. Okay👌🏾.




I killed dat hoe!!!

Caught the blood lust and killed her too🤷🏾‍♀️. Too bad cause she was kinda cute🙅🏾🔪⬇️.

My homies pull up before I had a chance to kill somebody else so I had them drop me off so I could get my hair & makeup redone. Not sure what kind of car he was driving but I told him to get pink and he didn’t so I took this picture of his shit so I could buy it too and pink it up😂.

Before we headed to the shop, we decided to pop some molly & stop through Los Santos to take pics of that tv show general mascot.

We killed his ass too😂🤷🏾‍♀️!

I changed my hairstyle and makeup. The color of my hair is dope 💁🏾 but not feeling the ponytail so I’m changing it back…. I’m gonna go back to my regular looks until I catch a mood. We gone go hang out with some cityfolk and then head to the strip club. These MFs like to drink with homeless people and talk about life when they pop molly🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♀️. They asses be doin dumb shit when they high🙄🙄😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️.


So, we go back to the homie house to get some more Molly and he asked us if we wanted to go through “The 14 Stages of Life”. After looking at him full of curiosity, we decided to ask what it was. “The 14 Stages of Life” is something he created himself. Throughout his life he’s acquired 14 bongs and when he acquired them he had just gone through a really traumatic life experience or would soon go through a really traumatic life experience. He kept them as testimony to his story. Usually when people go through his challenge “The 14 Stages of Life”, they create their own stages. With that being said we both said yeah. It was over after that. He took this photo before before we went through the 14 stages but the rest of the night is a blur. I don’t even remember him having my phone… like I never sit it down.

After 4 hours an 14 bongs later, we decide to watch the sunset before going to the strip club. I knew no one would ever believe me so I took a photo of “The 14 Stages of Life” for proof!

⚠️Disclaimer: Please don’t try “The 14 Stages of Life” alone!⚠️

Here’s another photo my homie took when he had my phone. Again, I do not remember him ever having my phone but then again I was sooooo fucking high. I’m pretty sure we were all high as fuck. The fact that he could even operate a phone and properly take that pic means he was probably more in control of his high than anyone. I’m definitely going to get high and come back here by myself because it’s so beautiful and peaceful. I know right now I want to see some bitches so we gone hit the stripclub.

We pull up to the club and it’s poppin outside! Everyone is fly, everyone’s having a good time and we’re here to have a good time too! It’s bad bitches everywhere and I’m ready to make it rain!!!! Guys showing off their cars and engines. Ladies showing off their beauty and booties & everybody is getting drunk.

After taking shots getting super drunk and shooting at the strip club we decided to go back to my place and black out and I lost my phone so I can’t find the pictures I took at the club. Not to mention we had a shootout. I did promise you a picture of my stash so here it is….. this is also in my computer. I’ll have to get a new phone. Hopefully next week is more entertaining and I don’t lose my goddamn phone because I had so many pictures I wanted to add to this🤦🏾‍♀️🙋🏾.

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