My Day on GTA: Week 2

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated. However, running an empire means being away from the public eye. I have a really busy day ahead of me so let’s get started. My first stop was to the salon so I could get my hair redone.

I’m not sure what style or color I’m going for I just know it’s time for a change. I had a good night at work last night and I made 400×5 But now my body is extremely sore so I’m taking a personal day today.

I haven’t figured out the layout path I want to take with this, but I’ll figure the shit out. I always find myself feeling guilty for how much I curse and I fucking hate it. A lot.

I like my natural hair but to protect it and to save myself time on doing my hair, I’m just going to get it done. Plus with me working I don’t have half the energy I would need to comb my own hair since I leave work every day with a super sore body.

Your saw it here first. $460.00 for some trash ass hair 😭😭😭.

I really do like the cotton candy colors but this hairstyle makes me look 30 years older than I actually am so I’m gonna change it again🤷🏾‍♀️. Or could be the fact that I don’t have any Makeup on.

After I was happy with my hair, I went to buy a new outfit. I really do need to go full blown shopping for myself because I need an entire new wardrobe but really I just needed something for today. But 2 Mili hit my account… So I need to buy some cars and a new apartment. I’m living in a poor people apartment and it’s childish.

It’s really hard to try to do anything here when there’s always a chance of me getting killed and I’m so sick and tired of being in passive all the time. However, I was able to get some amazing photos right before being locked 🔒 in the store by someone who parked in front of the door then attempted several times to kill me but again— passive😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️.

After, leaving from Binco, I took my ass to my coke lock up to restock my product and collect my pros. There’s times where I’ll restock on Monday’s, do profit pick ups on Tuesday’s and deliveries on Wednesday’s.

Whereas other times I’ll pick one facility for the day and just get it done.

Being in this business, I have major trust issues. So what I like to do is run my business through 6 people before I check off or sign off on anything that way my employees can make sure I’m not fucking them over when it comes paycheck time and they can make sure each other is not fucking me over.

I don’t have any product whatsoever so once I get this knocked out, update my security and get the ball rolling…. I’ll be on my way. I’ve been driving all day so I’m taking a cab to my forgery lock up when I’m done here.

This is the new security gate I purchased.

I need to buy some more businesses and a Damn night club. I’m slackin frfr.

All I can think about is how much money there is to be made. Just knowing how much money there is in the world and knowing how hungry I am to get it… it’s astonishing. One thing I’ve learned building businesses from the ground up is that the hardest thing you can do is start a business and ask for help. The hard part is not not receiving the help you once needed so desperately. The hard part is becoming successful and having to face those with their hand out who didn’t help you.

I noticed that my thought process was turning more towards the darker side of the Spectrum so I asked the cab driver to turn on some music so I can get my mind off of it before it happened.


After I left my forgery lock up, I decided to buy a new outfit. It’s getting late also so I’m going to head home after this and have a nice glass of wine.

Thanks for sharing my day with me! And I look forward to doing this again next week¡¡¡¡ If you want to read how my first week went, you can do that by clicking the link below:🕹my-day-on-gta🕹/?preview=true

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