Hello, July!!!

Good Afternoon⛅️🌺🦋✨☕️💆🏾,

*Please excuse my Bitmoji and her many changes😂😂😂 — like myself, she’s versatile and still figuring herself out 🤷🏾‍♀️👑.

July is here and it’s officially 6 months left in the year of 2019😳😱… and this is the time where everything’s on the floor & the shit hits the fan. I know right— blah blah blah blah blah… but it’s almost 2020 and time isn’t stopping for anyone. Like anyone else, I’m trying to get my life together and live the best life I possibly can while still not overwhelming myself.

Life has been extremely busy and with it being so busy it still feels like I’m getting nothing done. I find myself having to stop and make a list of how many things have changed in the past month(s) and how far I’ve come in the past months. I’ve honestly been trying to get down a daily routine for myself and it’s been tough but I’m working on it.

I’m learning how to take deep breaths and I’m working on minding my breathing more so that I’m less stressed naturally. I’ve been noticing my breathing— and I breathe very rapidly unconsciously.

I know it’s possible to fit in working, working overtime, praying, daily necessities, working out, meditating and having a happy, healthy and balanced day every single day. Until it’s figured out I will continue to tweak and work on it because I’m not gonna be satisfied until I have the perfect routine and I am living it every single day.

I’ve been putting this off for quite some time now, but I will be doing the “30 days— All Pain, All Gains challenge. I’d like to see what happens when for 30 days straight I exert myself and don’t give up regardless to circumstances and regardless to if I have a bad day or an amazing day.

I mean working from 11 AM till 2 AM every day for 30 days. I know I’m going to be extremely tired, my body will be in excruciating pain from sore skin and bones, and most likely I won’t be able to get a lot of things done due to being tired from work.

I will be saving everything that I make because I need to be able to see what I can do in 30 days with consistency. I’ll be able to analyze how I’m doing if I am or I’m not reaching goals, what works for me and what I can do better.

This is where God shows up and shows out because this needs to be done ✅. It’s hard doing what’s best for you but you will realize slowly but surely— that taking care of you is the most important thing and you will need to learn how to manage your time, your energy and your being so that you can do what’s best for you.

With a positive attitude & mindset, hard work, faith & belief in God, and an unwavering will to NOT ONLY SURVIVE but CONQUER… I know we as humans can do the damn thing and I know we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

My sisters and I are currently saving up for a big trip and I’m not gonna say to where but we all have a lot of hustling and improving to do this month🤷🏾‍♀️. This is a reminder to not only encourage your friends and family around you but encourage yourself to do whatever it is you want to do or should be doing. Make sure whatever it is, it’s making you happy, healthy or some money.

💟Get a license

💟Save 2500

💟Get a townhome

💟Get a new car

💟Work 28 days this month

💟Pray for 28 days this month

💟Stretch for 28 days this month

I’m excited for the future because I’m just really ready to challenge myself and test my limits while also pushing my boundaries. I’m also excited to be removing limitations that I’ve set for myself, my job, and any other places where I know great things are possible yet I have diminished them by putting limitations on them from previous experiences. At the end of this month I will be so glad to come back and say mission accomplished.

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