Dear Diary: Entry One

I’ve decided to get serious on my decision to start working out!!!! I’ve been saying I would since I was 18 years old and felt like I needed to as I had just had my daughter 💜🎀🌸Cassidy🌸🎀💜. I’m now 26 but it’s never to late right?

At the time that I originally drafted/created this post— it was 12/23/2018, two days before Christmas and I was 25 years old.

And as I’m updating it now, it is currently 08/30/2019… 8 months later and, again, I’m 26 lol.

As the rightful queen of procrastination… I’m updating this on 05/08/2020… 9 months later…. and omg is this a pattern I am detecting. I’m 27 now😂😂😂😭😭

🌐LAST Update🌐: Once again… I’ve surpassed my previous procrastination record and today is July 10, 2020. However, in my defense, it wasn’t the full 8-9 months later so I’m getting better lol🤭😩😂😭😭😭.

🌐LAST LAST UPDATE🌐: Once again… I’ve surpassed my previous procrastination record and today is July 15, 2020. However, I fell asleep and omg nevermind 🤭😩😂😭😭😭.

ISTG ( I swear to God) I know y’all probably tired of reading continuation dates but I’m definitely done now🤣😩🤧.

Technically speaking, if I had followed that sad pattern of procrastination…. I would’ve been posting this in December of 2020 or January 2021. It wasn’t a pattern though THANK GOD🥳🤗. This is gone be the last time I update this without posting it…. but I’m human and life happens.

And as a person who possibly suffers with bipolar disorder and depression (as well as ADD/ADHD & other serious undiscussable life events, I want it to be shown and known how real & bad of an issue depression & procrastination really is for me.

This was from May’s Draft: I was 105 at the time that I first drafted this and felt I didn’t really need to be working out since I was so thin (Yes I’m aware now that there are more health benefits to working out than just losing weight and anyone can do it but I didn’t know this at 18…). I was 155 in August (2019) and my weight has been fluctuating between 149-155 since. As of now, (May 2020) I’m 149 but my goal is to be 160 pounds. I’m gaining weight purposefully but I definitely need to tone it up as I gain it and build some muscle. It’s really now or never.

Today July 10, 2020: 141.8 and I haven’t been eating a lot lately due to life and shit happening but in trying to get to a place where I can do at least one meal a day then hopefully six.

I thought it was only right that I add the fact that I am 141.6 pounds today on July 15, 2020. So with that I leave you this heavily procrastinated post LOL. 

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