Entry #2: Issa New Year

I’m so excited for everything that’s going on🥳🤗… and although it could always be better… I don’t wanna diminish the good that’s happening NOW with what good could be happening. I’m grateful for what it’s happening now❤️. I started the process of becoming a business owner in mid 2019 by buying a vendors list.

I was set to get my first inventory box August 19, 2020🖤… but I got my first inventory shipment August 16, 2020 (three days earlier)💛. This package was mainly shorts and onesies, which you can find on http://www.diarydollz.com. Fast foward to today… I now have purses, lashes, and outfits on the way.




𝚈 𝙴 𝙰 𝚁 𝚂🎊🎉🥳

& May it be a prosperous year for you🙏🏾

I’m so excited for everything I have coming pertaining to my business🙈. This will just be a short lil update because I could not bring in a new year with absolutely no type of content put out😤. So let’s get into it🤗.

My business is expanding as far as products go— as you all know (if you’ve been following my journey, well the little bit of it that I publicized,) I started my business with only shorts and onesies. But now I have purses, lashes and full outfits. And that’s just some of the things I have on hand. Literally just about almost everything will be available on my site via http://www.diarydollzway.com so stay tuned🤗🥳🤩. We were all recently stimulated by the government and with that money I took all $1199 and I reinvested it into my business. They took a dollar from me for giving me so much money I guess LOL.

Now, initially I really wanted to get some braces, get my hair done, get my nails done, or try to get a storefront— That’s $1200 was enough to do one but not all of these things. Maybe a couple bunched in groups but not every single thing. It was enough to get into a storefront but not successfully or without struggle. And one thing I’m not gonna do is go broke to struggle.  Also I would’ve regretted getting my hair, nails, or braces done and it’s not so much regret for the things but moreso I would’ve thought about how I could’ve reinvested that money into my business making whatever decision I made less enjoyable. I didn’t wanna be second-guessing my decisions cause I hate doing that So I went with the decision that would allow me to not second guess.

I don’t regret my decision one bit. With the $1200 the government gave me, I’m looking at making almost $7000 back. I’ll get my braces, my hair done, and my nails done once I’ve made that 7 bands. So here’s a couple of the things that I can remember Purchasing with the government stimulus🥳🤗🤫😂. I was able to buy:

the domain http://www.diarydollzway.com

100 Pipettes

3.5 lbs of lipgloss base

5 syringes

100 mini lipgloss tubes for samples

24 lipgloss flavoring oils

100 lipgloss packaging bags

50 lipgloss squeeze tubes

30 full size lipgloss tubes

Valencia (my floor model/mannequin)

100 Eyelash stickers

5 packs of Lashes for lash extensions

10 Lash extension glue

6 different Lash extension tweezers

100 Lash extension glue holders

And 40 pigments for gloss making (some solid, some glitter)

I also got a lash display case that locks with a key

104 pairs of slides

as well as 30 money clutches

And thats what I remember lol I don’t remember shit else.. but this is what I have receipts for….

So with that being said, I will definitely be working on my consistency with blogging more and blogging better. As well as being more consistent with my YouTube and everything in my life. Keep a lookout for my business http://www.diarydollzway.com and make sure you look out for my upcoming Lipgloss release 💕

Follow us on IG at diarydollzLLC💕

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