A Think Piece by Yours Truly!

I Had To Think in Order To Make This😭🤣

Life in quarantine has been… eye opening, life changing, emotionally draining and soooo many more disparaging things. This new normal is exhausting but on a good note we’re all constantly learning new things, adapting more and trying for change. GOOD CHANGE! I’ve been planning and— that’s a lie… well… it’s not a complete lie but it’s not as rose-colored as I made it sound! I have been an emotional roller coaster for soooo very long and I know I will continue to be until certain aspects of my life are corrected however, it’s getting up, doing what needs to be done, and feeling good about myself and what I’ve done that day that matters until shit is permanently fixed. I wanted this to be a inspirational post, something people could come back to to inspire them to keep going. But I just don’t think that’s what this is going to be. The reality is that we’re all still trying to navigate as best we can while still facing high ass unemployment rates & SKY-ROCKETING depression rates.

IN THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES… I’ve been desperately tryna figure out “how I could make this blog like everyone else’s” but I always end up back at the realization that I started this blog to talk to myself publicly🙈, vent and SPEAK MY TRUTH🤷🏾‍♀️! I would hope whoever comes across my blog can find something to help them, teach them, make them happy OR inspire them! ALSO… NO ONE READS ANYMORE SO WHO WOULD KNOW ALL THE CRAZY MESS I PUT HERE OTHER THAN MYSELF😬🤫🤣???? (I remember wanting to write such interesting pieces that people did want to read 🙈😭😂. My wonderful subscribers don’t count (I love y’all and I’m grateful fordrumrolllll pleaseeee🥁🥁🥁🥁

E V E R Y S I N G L E O N E O F Y ‘ A L L🥰🎉🎊.


🧁How to take my business to the next levelI started my business Diary Dollz on August 16, 2020 and as we creep up on turning 1, I realize all the things I could’ve done (and can still do) to better my business and the experience I’m giving my customers! I’m seeing:

what I’ve done wrong based on what I know now VS. what I knew when I started, what I can do better, what areas of my business and relations needs work, and sooo much more.

different ways to drive more traffic, more sales, and possible clientele to my online boutique. We are also working on finding reliable P.R. Girls/Brand Ambassadors as well… weeding through thousands of girls who hear brand ambassador and all they think is free stuff…. which is another story in itself.

I have been thinking about my business soooo much and every single day it stresses me out to no end….at least sleep helps break this vicious thinking cycle until the next day😂😭! I say all that to say I don’t really wanna talk about it anymore! I know what I have to do so imma do it! If you wanna support, I’ll leave a link below girl! SHOP TIL YOU DROP🛒🛍🛍!!!

🛍 www.diarydollzway.com 🛍

Now, back to more of what I’ve been thinking about🧨

🧁How to do everything in one dayI AM VERY SUCCESSFUL in life, however on paper, in my agenda and my plans… I am MORE successful. I’m bad with time management, being distracted by my phone, procrastination, overthinking and NOT DOING! So now I need to start doing more of my plans. I’m really standing in my own way at this point! Realizing that is the first step to changing this SH*T around!

One thing I get caught up with is how long things should take… so for example: based on my daily agenda, it should take me 1 hour to work out starting at 8 A.M. then it’s time to shower at 9 A.M.. However, I’m not in the best shape and not used to working out so that will realistically take two hours, throwing my day off. I know I need to loosen up on how long things should take and just get them done. Then once it’s apart of my daily routine… I can tighten up and calculate later down the line how long shit should take for better control of my day and schedule. How you need to loosen up and tighten up at the same time? It’s ME 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️!

Another thing I need to work on is I’m always rushing from one thing to the next to get as much done as possible in one day. I should mention that everything I’ve planned for myself is super doable…. except social media…. (I’m working on a social media calendar right now to help with that). Now if I can figure out how to get a lot done without burning out and create a routine from that… I’d be GREAT!

🧁Getting Back to My YoutubeI’ve been away from it for a very long time… much like everything else I care about but it happens. I’ve had cameras stolen from me with sd cards full of memories, secrets, unboxings for my business and health, workout videos as well as empties videos…. just hella footage I’ll never get back nor can I ever redo. That took an immense toll on me in general but also really effected me wanting to get back to it or even being able to see the point in filming if it’s gonna get stolen/lost before I can edit and upload it. But I’m grateful to say I’m coming back to the me I deserve to be💕 I’ll leave that link incase you wanna watch and support!


And remember:
You may feel glad, sad
🥺 &
maybe even feel mad
But no matter what —

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