The Carrie Continues…

So, I decided to write this post because I’m excited and I’m happy and I’m grateful! I am not your average woman. So when I tell you the story, please do not judge me😂🤷🏾‍♀️!

So one day I was on tinder and this guy thought I was attractive so we went on a date and he liked me enough to buy me a purse on our third date. He spent the night at my house on the second date and we never had sex (let’s get that clear). This is purely because he liked my company and time…. My essence and personality, and for that I’m grateful!

Now, just to get this out the way because I don’t want anybody to feel misled, I have had it go the other way. But this was not one of those times. There are men who will do stuff for you only to get something from you in return and there’s guys who genuinely like you for who you are and will do stuff for you because you being you is a gift to them. He was the latter.

I wanted to sum up the story so whomever is reading this would know how it came about— but this isn’t about him and it will never be about him again😂 (American Dad reference). It’s about the purse itself and the ripple effect it has unleashed in my life🥳🎉🎊.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “why didn’t she buy the purse herself?”, well I would’ve but I couldn’t bear to do such a thing. I’m an adult and I know I could’ve paid bills with that money! Basically, I know I deserve nice things but I’m not at a place in life where I can afford to buy them for myself without being financially irresponsible. And I don’t think I could put that sentence any better! Basically, with my money I’m gonna be responsible, with his money I’m gonna treat myself🤷🏾‍♀️😂🎉🎊💅🏾.

So, below, is the purse he bought me in the exact color. He also purchased me a cute cherry🍒 purse charm which I will also link.

This is my purse! The Lora Carryall
This is my same purse except they didn’t have the matching strap available so I didn’t get one, and the one they offered didn’t match😭.
This is the Cherry Charm 🍒💕

So, remember that ripple effect I mentioned earlier? There’s isn’t really a ripple effect per se because I’ve always been a classy girl and I’ve always had high standards😂 The only thing I can say that changed in my life is that I’m obsessed with Coach now🤷🏾‍♀️. Not to mention my mother used to dress head to toe in Coach so it was always in my future!😌

Like literally, my mother had so many Coach bucket hats, coach wallets, coach shoes, and coach purses as well as the belts. And when I tell you the purse matched the wallet and the wallet matched the shoes which also matched the belt💅🏾🤭. I fondly remember getting beat with some of those belts LMAOOOOO (especially that navy blue one😂).

Now, originally this post was going to be called The Carrie Continues because it’s a play on words because of one of my favorite shows of all time which is called The Carrie Diaries. It’s about a young Carrie Bradshaw before she was “Sex in the City” Carrie Bradshaw. Her mother passed away when she was younger and left her a purse that ended up getting in a magazine because her little sister spilled nail polish on it which forced a young Carrie to be crafty and write her name on it in nail polish 💅🏾.

You can watch the ENTIRE series of The Carrie Diaries💕on the CWTV app for free 🥳🎉🎊. Here’s a link if you don’t have space on your phone, or just don’t feel like taking the time to download the app: The Carrie Diaries

This is what the app will look like👍🏾

Now back to me. Because I’m so excited about this one new purse I’ve received, I’ve decided to make a wish list of other Coach bags I would like to procure whether by my own hands or someone else’s🤷🏾‍♀️. Even if every man on earth tells me no I’m still gonna get it myself so I need to remember which ones I want😂😂😂.

Also, a Side Note: I’m not opposed to women buying me things as well 😂👍🏾🤷🏾‍♀️😌. Back to seriousness LOL, these are a few of the things that I would like to procure. And I’m thinking about doing a second post like this because I have a way more in my saved on the coach website as well as my wish list and even if I can’t have them I want to tell other people about them so they can get it😅🎊🥳🎉.

Baby Messenger Bag
Baby Messenger Bag
Baby Messenger Bag
Baby Messenger Bag
I wish they linked the shoes 😭
Baby Messenger Bag
Dempsey Carryall
Tatum Carryall

Tatum Carryall

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