Hello December

It’s been snowing❄️ but not so much you could make a snowman☃️— at least not where I’m at (Ohio). It’s the month for hot cocoa, stackin & savin, as well as all the winter clothing you could ever buy. It’s also the time for Christmas 🎁🎄🎅🏾🤶🏾 (and my youngest sister has a birthday this month too🎂 🎁). If you’re old enough… it’s time for XMAS parties 🥃🎈🍷 🎉🥂 🎊 .

It’s also a fresh month for strengthening good habits, creating new goals and gaining new opportunities. So let’s get into what my month should be 😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️🤗.

❄️New Job

    -I’m still searching for a job. Especially because I haven’t found one that makes me happy. One that doesn’t feel like work. I’m still looking forward to complaining about a 9 to 5… but I’m not tryna do THAT much damn complaining😂😭😂. I definitely want to make Dear Diary/ Diary Dollz my full time job! So any job is fine as long as I can pump funds into my business.

❄️Continue Learning French

    -I’ve been practicing, but I want to really perfect single words before trying to piece entire sentences together.

❄️New $$$

    I’m gone always get it how I can so I can have it coming in -in more ways than one. I’ll definitely be dancing again and this time around I’ll be documenting every night possible right here! I’ll use that money to fund cavitation and Dear Diary!!!
    ❄️Exercise 3-4x a week & Run 1-2x a week Start training at home then get to the gym. If I start working out without a proper meal plan, I’ll begin to lose weight when I’m actually trying to gain weight.
    🌹New Crib– I haven’t really decided where I want to settle but I do have a general idea as far as states go. I want to be in Michigan, Ohio, Arizona, Nevada or Texas. At first, I was looking for places that are close to family but now I just want to be close to my job!
    🍃New Endeavors– I’m looking forward to all the new endeavors that may be available to me this up coming year! I’ll be doing some mukbang and cavitation video collabs for my youtube (which you can find here => My Youtube💕🤩💻 . I’ll also be delving into opportunities that have presented themselves to me like modeling, sewing, baking, learning to cook, taking youtube seriously via collabs, taking skill/trade classes as well as taking cavitation seriously!.
    🍁Gain 30 lbs.
    🍁Get 2 new tattoos
    🍁EAT 6x a day
    – I’ve already establish the right times for me to eat, I just need to find a perfect meal plan for me now but in the meantime I’m leaning toward’s meal plans that will help me gain weight.

To summarize– I’m hoping the month will be filled with self success! Remembering to enjoy hot cocoa with marshmallows, working strategically while stackin & savin’, hoarding and hauling winter clothes lol as well as putting myself first!

My sister has a birthday so hopefully I can take her out…. she’ll be 13!

I want to strengthen my good habits like: reading, writing, rapping, stretching and learning every day. I’ll definitely be creating more goals for myself every day.

  • So there’s some of my goals for the month of October. Let me know what some of your goals for October are😁✅ on Twitter📱.
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