Life Updates with Animated Amber 🌐

Welcome to “Lauryn’s Life Updates with Animated Amber”! Who is Animated Amber you may be wondering. Well— it’s Amber Rose in Animated form. A few years ago I loved her sex work movement so much I decided to support her by buying her app. I don’t use it ever because Amber has said some very controversial and problematic things… and unfortunately— she has lost her traction due to such nonsense.

I never erased the app because I spent money on it sooo a decision I made in 2019 will FINALLY be utilized in 2022… a week before 2023! There’s literally one week left in the year as of today, December 25, 2022. So to everyone reading this, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s.

I’ve put my reading glasses on and I’ve examined my life under a microscope. I’m definitely pleased with my progress but there’s a TON to be done!
I’ve been so comfortable because for soooooo long I wasn’t and that has in turn hindered my progress. Instead of getting a place and resting…. I should’ve hit the ground running and hustling!
I let my comfortability and depression control my daily movements and behaviors instead of being strong and grabbing my bible, or getting a work out in for those endorphins (endorphins make you happy). I let my negative mindset progress and dominate! I let my reality dictate my imagination and law of attraction which was one of the WORST things I could’ve done.
I, in turn started smoking waaaayyy more than normal and letting weed be my escape instead of getting up and being productive. So if I had a thought before, I’d smoke while I worked on that thought….
Now, if I have a thought— I smoke so I don’t have to think since one thought leads to another and eventually one of those thoughts will need ACTION!

I’m such a millennial that this has become my response to trauma⬇️😂😂😂.

Starting in January, I would like to take a break from smoking weed. I love weed and everything it does for me, but I’ve gotten so used to using it that it has now begun hindering my progress.I would like to reward myself with it instead of using it recreationally like I’ve been doing. So if I go to work and I completed an 11 hour shift, and I don’t leave early like I normally do, that’s worth a smoke. Going to work and leaving early doses not get rewarded.

Unfortunately, I spend most of my time sleeping and I’m clocking at least 16 hours of sleep a day and I know that’s not healthy. I don’t wanna die early because I sleep too much and I don’t wanna die early from sleeping too little. I have to get my life together!

I’m definitely going back to work soon. I’m considering today of all days to go back. It’s Christmas Day and I’m not sure if I’ll go to work but if I do, I will write about it. In the meantime, my camera is overloaded with content and I no longer have a laptop so I can’t upload it. Meaning I can’t film content until I offload some of the content I already have.

I was able to make a new YouTube video yesterday. I had to make it on my phone because my camera is full. Yesterday my phone stopped recording mid-video because I don’t have any space on my phone but I figured it out and I made it work so I’m really proud about that. I’m gonna try to make another video today.

This is supposed to be My HerbaLife Drink…. Until I can run that Starbucks bag back up☕️🥄📰♥️📍

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