My Week as a Stripper featuring Animated Amber

For an entire week I will be documenting my life as a stripper…. I would love for this to be the glamorous “money raining everyday” life, the life they show you on TV all the time— but I don’t work at those clubs yet and I live in a small NON poppin’ city, so it’s unlikely. I stopped dancing for a long time so I need to reintegrate myself back into it slowly. Tomorrow is December 25th and that will mark Day 1 of my ONE WEEK STRIPPING JOURNEY!

I love the feeling of counting new money everyday! I love having the opportunity to make money every day, knowing I have the possibility to exceed what I did the day before. It’s such a BLESSING! Not to mention the fact that once you’re in the door… you’re always welcomed. I’m destined and desperate to be living the life I want to live and in order to do that I need A LOT of money. My bills aren’t much thank God but unfortunately they are more tha I can afford.

Going back to the club will allow me to get my life together financially, automate my bills (like a REAL adult🤭), save enough to fund a ROTH IRA, feed my emergency fund, pay off owed debts and MOST IMPORTANTLY— go to the club as a customer and bless other girls!

RAP RULES! So in order to get in the clubs I wanna be in, dancing on the stages I wanna dance on and get around the people I wanna be around— I need to adapt to fast dancing, twerking, STAMINA AND ENDURANCE.

I do prefer slower clubs but I need to adjust and adapt to what’s happening around me — which is that rap & pop are taking over strip clubs and it’s no longer a slow and sensual experience, but a fast paced party experience with naked girls🙄😭. I’m a slow music, upscale gentlemen’s club kinda girl so all the fast dancing and twerking don’t brop with me… especially with me being lazy and out of season lmao.

Stamina is VERY IMPORTANT for the “booty” clubs, so working out will be pivotal to my success. It helps if after 3 songs of STRAIGHT TWERKING, you can gather and control your breath so that don’t have to leave the floor… causing you to miss money. Instead of being tired after a stage set (2-4 songs), and having to recoup in the locker room…. I’d be able to go sit with a customer right after my set.

Not only will dancing pay my bills but help me get back to my soft girl life. I’ll be able to get my nails done by my favorite nail tech @NailsByDrea69,

I’ll be able to get mani’s & pedi’s, I’ll be able to obtain and maintain new subscriptions and sooo much more! When I started my business in 2020, I knew I wanted to expand and about a year and a half later, we started offering waste trainers. In September of this year I started learning how to do cavitation and waist trainers go perfectly with that field of service.

Dancing and saving will allow me to pump money into personalizing my waist trainers. It will also allow me to add fajas to my “What I Offer” list!

Another thing I’d like to customize and offer for my cavitation business is business personalized water bottles, canisters and canteens. I’ve found a vendor so I’m very excited to expand my cavitation/laser lipo business.

I know I said I’m not in a place to travel right now, but eventually the plan is to get back to dancing nationwide as I did before. Obviously, I’m gonna start with the states and clubs that’s around me and migrate my way out.

In order to pull in the money bags, I need to invest in a pole for home, work on my stage presence, my customer etiquette, my flexibility, as well as my stamina and endurance.

I used to be able to do the splits, but after such a long time of not practicing yoga, and not having a reason to do a split, I lost the ability to do it. Use it or lose it right? So now I have to work my way back to being flexible enough to do a split because one thing I do know is being able to do the splits as a dancer pulls together a lot of your routines and transitions very seamlessly.

Once I’m back to making money, whether it’s in a trash bag or not, I’m definitely investing into a money counter. When I started dancing, dancers could not have those. Only club managers, and people who own businesses. Now strippers are making so much money that they don’t feel like counting their own money and we don’t really trust other people to count our money so the commercial sale of money counter this has happened & are available to the regular public like you and I.

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